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More Falling Glass From The Trump Has Commuters Covering Heads

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Torontonians woke up to the news on Friday morning of yet ANOTHER incident of potential falling glass in the city; this time from the Trump International Hotel. Sections of Bay and Adelaide Streets were closed off after a piece of glass was seen hanging from the luxury hotel at 325 Bay Street. The Trump has seen its fair share of falling glass since the hotel's opening. In November 2012, a pane of glass fell from the 34th floor during construction, supposedly dropped by a worker during installation. Later, more glass fell, this time from the 65th storey. No one was injured. In the fall, the Shangri-La Hotel on University had its third (yes, THIRD!) occurrence of falling glass since the hotel opened in 2012. Have a look at Curbed's Heat Map of Falling Glass in the City. Unfortunately, we keep having to update the map. What do you think the city should do about this major issue?

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