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Grilled Cheese Fest A Gooey Mess; Chantecler Turns 2

Chantecler's chef and co-owner Jonathan Poon steps out of the kitchen.

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1.) Entertainment District: Grilled cheese took a hit last Friday night. The feverishly anticipated TO Grilled Cheese Fest at Roy Thomson Hall melted into a gooey mess of customer dissatisfaction and overcrowding chaos. Joylister, the event organizers, scrambled to fix the situation but not before the Twitterverse erupted.

2.) Parkdale: Chantecler turned two-years old this week so Eater sat down with chef Jonathan Poon to talk about "the west end, McDonald's, and freaking out Gordon Ramsay-style."

3.) City Wide: Pizza Week 2014 is just around the corner and Eater needs your help. Share your pizza stories, best or worst places in the city, most horrific delivery stories: Eater chats up the man behind Soto. to find out what he's got up his sleeves.

5.) Entertainment District: Québec is now allowing select restaurants to serve wild-game and Michael Hunter, executive chef at Red's Wine Tavern wants Ontario to get in on the action.

6.) Follow Friday: Eater Toronto launched a new series that picks one notable person on Twitter, Instagram, plus a blog, that should be followed for one reason or another. See this week's Follow Friday picks:

7.) Parkdale: Food TV's Bob Blumer stretches his artistic muscles again and unveils Room 403 at The Gladstone Hotel, a very surreal gourmet food-themed hideaway.