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Rosedale "Wolf" House Drops Its Price AGAIN, Now $5.2M

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[Photo via Wolf House]

What happens when a seemingly cool and modern abode just can't sell for its asking price and drops its listing price multiple times? It goes into Curbed's Pricechopper Hall of Fame. The "Wolf House" at 51 Roxborough Dr. was originally listed for $6.5 million without a real estate bite before dropping its price tag to $5.595 million. Now relisted for $5.195 million, the owners are hoping buyers will be attracted by the new (somewhat lowered) listing price. Owners Lawrence and Mary Wolf wanted to create a house made from glass and steel, commissioning architect Barton Myers to design 4,600 square feet of glass-walled living space. The house on stilts was built in 1974, making it an architectural landmark of the time. Is the house worth the $5 million dollar asking price today? How much would you pay?

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