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Get Your Own Piece of High Park History For $718K

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The rambling Victorian mansion at 32 Gothic Ave. was built in 1889 by the then-Mayor of the Town of West Toronto, George Johnson St. Leger. In recent years, the house was converted to seven luxury condos. Unit 6 is currently for sale, for $718,000. At 1,462sq.ft, it has two bedrooms with ensuites (plus one additional bathroom). It has great inlaid hardwood floors, two balconies, one parking spot and access to a private garden. Originally named Clandeboye, the house overlooked Grenadier Pond until construction on Bloor Street and the building of the subway obscured the view. Over the years 32 Gothic's been used as a sanitarium, a maternity hospital, and a home for wayward youths. Why, it's like a haunted-house movie-plot superstore!

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