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All the Highlights From Curbed Toronto's 2014 Hotels Week

Hope you enjoyed Curbed's Hotels Week! Last week, we covered all things hotel including strange amenities, the priciest rooms in the city, themed rooms, and many other topics. Here's a recap of the in-room excitement.

18 Essential Toronto Hotels— Welcome to the second edition of Curbed's guide to Toronto's need-to-know hotels. Its intention? Provide the ultimate answer to the question that burns in the breast of every visitor: "Where should I stay in downtown Toronto?" From The Thompson to the Ritz-Carlton to newcomer Hotel Ocho, we've sourced the best hotels in the city. Take a look.

Toronto's Most Expensive Suites— Want to stay downtown in a $20,000/night penthouse or sleep in the bed Justin Bieber might have slept in? We've mapped out some of Toronto's most expensive and exclusive hotel suites.
Weird and Cool Hotel Amenities Which Toronto hotels have the best amenities? The Shangri-La Hotel doesn't disappoint with its in-room iPad feature while The Drake gets kinky with its "Pleasure Menu" feature. What exactly is a "Floggarella?" Yorkville's Hazelton Hotel offers a personal Art Concierge and one special room features a $99,000 mattress! That bed better be comfortable!

37 Wild Rooms at the Gladstone Hotel — The Gladstone is Toronto's boutique hotel on Queen West with 37 local artist designed rooms. You can stay in the hotel's ultra sexy "Blue Line Room" or feel somewhat dizzy in the neon " Parlour of Twilight Room." The hotel even commissioned Food Network Host, Bob Blumer to create the "Surreal Gourmet Room," a space filled with marshmallow pillows and a canopy made of swiss cheese.

New Hotel on Bay Street Remember the Bay Street Motel? It closed down in 2009 and was once voted "Toronto's Second Dirtiest Hotel" by TripAdvisor (Hey, at least it wasn't voted number one, right?). In its place, the Be SixFifty Hotel is set to open any day and offers a luxury, boutique experience. After expensive renovations, hopefully the new hotel can turn around the former image of the decrepit hotel.
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