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Disappointing $14.9M Manse is More Exciting From The Outside

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Our weekly feature, Monday Mansion, examines the most interesting mega homes on the market. Have a listing in mind that we're missing? Send it over to the tipline at

[Photo via MLS]

Today's Monday Mansion features a stately, gold-leafed 14,000 square foot home in the prestigious Bridle Path neighbourhood. Asking $14.980 million, this five-bedroom property features a grand foyer, an indoor swimming pool, hot tub and tennis court. Of course, there are plenty of hidden extras including the mermaid sculpture in the dining room, a marble bed frame and the formal red living room fit for the queen. With so many ornate rooms, it's disappointing to see such a plain white kitchen and minimalist eating area along with the 1980s style bathrooms. Perhaps the other 10 bathrooms in the home are more updated than the ones pictured (there are 12 altogether). Will it sell for the $15 million dollar asking price? This recently sold Bridle Path mansion originally wanted $16 million for the five-bedroom house and sold after eight long years for $11.300 million. This partially completed Palace of Versailles knock-off couldn't sell for $23 million and was recently sold via auction for $13.980 million.

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