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Two Airport Hotels Duke it Out on The Runway

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As part of Curbed's Hotels Week, today we're exploring the world of first class airport hotels. Which hotels are the best options for business travellers? What accommodations will suit the needs of those on the go? Here's a look at two hotels, attached to Pearson Airport, and the world of business travel that sticks around near the runways.

Hotel: ALT Hotel Sheraton Getaway Hotel
Weekend Rate: $129/night $140/night
Amenities: Free high-speed internet, fitness room, meeting rooms Free high speed Internet, meeting rooms, pool, fitness room, airport parking deals
Attached to Pearson Airport: Yes, by tram or shuttle Yes, by tram or shuttle
Unique Feature Colourful & interactive mural in the lobby Starwood points for free hotel stay

ALT Hotel, Toronto Airport: This newer airport hotel is a no-frills-chic hotel concept combining modern design and an explosion of colour. It's hard to miss that outstanding colourful mural in the front lobby. When the hotel first opened, they ran a Facebook competition for members to upload their favourite photos of colour, receiving close to 80,000 submissions. The hotel chose 3,000 photographs to create the mural, and today people can upload an Instagram image and it will appear on the interactive art piece. There's no restaurants but rather a grab n' go 24-hour dining area. Here's the real scoop according to TripAdvisor reviewers (Note: the hotel manager personally responds to most reviews): Best TripAdvisor Review: "This is a great place to stay when flying out in the early morning. Clean, modern boutique hotel with great service. Able to ride tram over to airport in under two minutes with cheap value parking attached. Highly recommended."
Worst: "Why do so many people enjoy this place?" This place is so damn weird. How can someone actually say they have good food and an entertaining lobby. This place is like a 7/11 with elevator music. No room service and enjoy eating your microwaveable meal you just paid 10$ for. And your $8 draft beer. Ya, the rooms are a cheap price can't go wrong, until you get in it and it looks like somebody with horrible taste did a lot of mushrooms came up with it."

Sheraton Getaway Hotel: The Sheraton is a well-known brand and guests know what their getting; no frills but a relatively comfortable stay on a comfortable bed. This hotel is not modern but it's typically clean and good for business travellers who want to workout or a grab a quick swim in the pool. Here's the real scoop according to TripAdvisor reviewers (the hotel manager also personally responds to most reviews): Best TripAdvisor Review: "This hotel is great. Not only is it right in the airport but you don't not have to wait for a shuttle bus if you arrive in Terminal 1 (you get the mono rail to Terminal 3 which runs every 3 minutes), and it takes about 2 minutes to get there. The hotel is clean and the staff are very friendly."
Worst: "I've stayed here seven times and I keep telling myself it's convenient but it just isn't. You still have to take the airport terminal bus if you are using Terminal 2; you have to take the sky train from Terminal 1; and it is only relatively convenient to Terminal 3...The breakfast buffet is always appalling and so is the price. My omelette was cold."
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