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Heads up! Decoding The Trump Hotel's Pillow Menu

Fed up with hotel pillows that are either too squishy, or rock-hard, or smell weird, or make you sneeze? Well, listen up, goldilocks: the Trump International Hotel offers a Pillow Menu that may finally bring you together with the pillow of your dreams. Missing your significant other? Order a full-length body pillow to snuggle up to. Worried your jackhammer-like snoring will keep your neighbour (or the rest of the floor) awake all night? Try the ergonomic "Airway" model. The Menu even offers a selection of aromatherapy treatments you can deploy alongside your pillow, to invigorate you or help you relax (please don't try more than one aroma at a time; it confuses the pillows).

Other Toronto hotels offer similar pillow menus; check out The Hazelton Hotel, The Ivy at Verity, the Toronto Downtown Hilton, and the Holiday Inn Bloor Yorkville.

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