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Cat Cafes, 'Merica Restaurants, Blondin's JUNK

1.) Koreatown: Never one to be outdone, it looks like Toronto may soon land its first cat cafe. Called Smitten Kitten, would-be owner Jennifer Morozowich wants to open up the storefront because, of course, she wants to "just....sit in a room and pet cats all day."

2.) Queen West: A Queen West 'restaurant' facing a sever identity crisis has now changed concepts five times before even opening. The latest iteration is God Bless 'merica, an 'American Kitchen & Bar.' The proposed menu features "all-AmURican" creations such as 'Napa Choco Bacon' and 'Japan-am Pogo Sticks.'

3.) Eater Interviews: Eater checks in with chef Matt Blondin, whose snack bar JUNK is on the horizon. Among other things, Blondin talks pet peeves when dining out: "Loud-mouth, shit-talking people who think they know it all, and find it okay to degrade service staff, and re-arrange menu items to their liking."

4.) Fergus Henderson: The "father of offal" hit Toronto this week for a pair of private dinners at Charlie Burger. Check out the menu and find out how to save your seat at the table the next time around.

5.) Koreatown: Changes are (maybe) afoot for Tacos El Asador, as the restaurant has plans to move across the street from its current location and open an eighteen-table restaurant with an expanded menu, longer hours and home delivery. But El Asador reps say they have "[run] into some problems with the building," so don't get too excited....yet.

6.) Hummus 2.0: Toronto has apparently gone crazy for hummus, as this week Toronto Star's Jennifer Bain filed a feature piece about the burgeoning food trend, dubbed by District Oven chef/owner Isam Kaisi as "Middle'terranean."