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Flushing Out Toronto's Nicest Hotel Lobby Washrooms

Ever use one of the public restrooms at Union Station (or, worse, Bloor Station)? Hint: don't. For publicly-accessible washroom facilities that are much more comfortable, better-smelling, and infinitely cleaner than any you'll find in a TTC station or fast-food joint, hie yourself to the lobby of your nearest luxury hotel. Curbed has done some of the legwork for you: if you know any contenders for this list, feel free to add them in the comments. Note: all reviews are for female facilities.

Toronto Four Seasons

The washrooms at the Four Seasons are steps below its lobby bar at 60 Yorkville Avenue; 26 shiny marble steps, to be exact. This could be an issue if you're in high heels, or are on the verge of being too drunk to remember how gravity works. Walls are striated stone, and counters are a subtle, satiny black. There are waterfall-style faucets and soap and lotion dispensers at each sink, plus the much-appreciated warm, soft terrycloth hand towels. The stalls are roomy and have solid, sound-muffling doors, but the coathooks aren't very practical if your coat is heavy or slippery. Rating: 9.

Omni King Edward

One of Toronto's historic hotels, the King Eddy is on the south side of King Street, just east of Yonge Street. To get to the washrooms, walk through the main doors, then take the stairs up from the lobby to the incredible colonnade, past portraits of various monarchs (both alive and dead). The female loos look a little dated, but are very clean. Hand towels are paper, from wall-mounted dispenser. Rating: 7

Windsor Arms Hotel

At the Windsor Arms, the lobby washrooms are on the mezzanine level. From the small, dark (and slightly gloomy) lobby, take the elevator up one floor—the elevator's back wall is a faux bookcase, for some reason—then cross the walkway that spans over the lobby (note: a uniformed security guard may or may not follow you discreetly). There's a lovely old grand piano in the mezzanine: don't touch it. Don't even think of it. The forest-green-wallpapered washroom is a little stodgy, but very clean. Cubicle doors are good and solid. Hand towels are thick folded paper, stacked on the counter. Baby bonus: in the accessible stall there's a changing table with extra diapers. Rating: 7

Park Hyatt

The burgundy wallpaper and dark marble walls and counters make the Park Hyatt's a pretty dim, 90s-looking restroom, but at least the low light is flattering. Strange art-glass lamps are probably meant to look like Art Nouveau calla lilies, but have more of an alien/vulva thing going on. Sinks are hammered metal. Faucets are waterfall-style, and in the accessible stall they're gold-plated—fancy! Rating: 6

Hazelton Hotel

Over in Yorkville, The Hazelton's lobby restrooms are in a hot three-way tie for the nicest on this tour. Walls and counters are an Art-Deco-inspired sweep of dark marble, illuminated by glowing vertical torchières. Hand soap is l'Occitane's Verveine, and the plentiful hand towels are thick, soft paper. Stalls have heavy, solid doors. Rating: 9

Shangri-La Hotel

Washrooms are through the Shangri-La's bright, open lobby. Cubicle doors are integrated into a wall of trellis-pattered wood with polished sandstone walls, floors, and counters. There are full-length mirrors and warm lighting. White-leather tissue holder, and reed diffusers with "Essence of Shangri-La" scented oil. Subtle ambient music pipes through the room. Best of all: warm terrycloth hand towels. Rating: 9.
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