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Bay Street's Dirtiest Motel Becomes a Boutique Hotel

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[Photo via Toronto Online]

The Bay Street Motel, once making the list for Toronto's second dirtiest hotel by TripAdvisor, will soon become a luxury boutique hotel in the Financial District. The Be SixFifty is set to open "very soon," located near Bay and Elm Street, and across from the newly renovated Eaton Chelsea. The hotel was supposed to open last year but it appears the decrepit building needed more work than anticipated. Be SixFifty is hoping to turn around the former shady hotel image into its new "chic, sexy and cool" design space. Before it closed its doors in 2009, the Bay Street Motel was legendary for its unkempt rooms, rodents and…gross…shared bathrooms.

The property was sold to Greek investors who spent years renovating (de-soiling) the interior and exterior of the building. Designed by Canadian designer Robin De Groot whose been featured on Restaurant Makeover, the new space will include 22 pod-style rooms (thankfully each with a personal bathroom). There will be a rooftop patio and the main floor coffee shop, 650 Cafe Bistro recently opened. We're anxious to check out some interior photos but the inside of the hotel still remains top secret.

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