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DJ Lessons! $99,000 Mattress! Cool & Unusual Hotel Perks

One of the most satisfying things about a hotel stay is taking advantage of the little niceties on offer, whether they're complimentary (adorable little bottles of l'Occitane en Provence body lotion) or not (room service dinner on a covered silver plate). But some hotels have guest perks that go way beyond the expected: check out some of the over-the-top amenities available at a few of them.

↑ The Drake: As you might expect from West Queen West's home of indie luxury, The Drake has some perks that you won't find at more traditional hotels. $239 per night will get you the Vinyl Vacation package, which comes with VIP passes to the Drake's house party, mini-bottle service in your room, and a curated music map of Toronto (for an extra $125, upgrade your package to include an hour-long DJ lesson and your name on the hotel's marquee). Feel more like staying in? Check out the Drake's "Pleasure Menu," which features a variety of—um—personal accessories for holding your own in-room solo or team event. Options include the $8 Pleasure Feather, the $22 suede flogger imaginatively called "Floggarella"—and for $600, the Olga, a gold-plated sex toy. Have a fun night at the Drake.

↑ The Shangri-La's guest rooms have some sweet amenities, like Nespresso's Zenius coffee maker; and each room is equipped with an iPad featuring Intelity's ICE system (Interactive Customer Service). You can use the iPad to order room service, contact the concierge, or book a private jet. Oh sure, but does it have Solitaire?

↑ The Hazelton Hotel: Up in Yorkville, The Hazelton is known for its luxurious rooms and discreetly solicitous staff. Want to know more about the art that's in your room or around the hotel? The hotel's Art Concierge will give you all the details, and let you know where to check out other galleries and exhibits around town. On the other hand, if you just feel like flaking out in your room, one of the guest suites features one of the most expensive mattresses in the world; the $99,000 Hästens Vividus, which was brought in in 2012 by special request of a visiting Toronto International Film Festival celebrity whose identity was never revealed. See, they really are discreet.
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