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Fully Reno'd Yorkville Victorian Wants $5.4 Million

[Photo via MLS/Bosley]

Location: 104 Avenue Road in Yorkville
Price: $5,395,000
The Skinny: The latest Yorkville stunner to come on the market is an eye-popping Victorian for art lovers everywhere. The two-bedroom semi-detached is a commercial/residential property with tenants leased until next October. Note, it's possible to evict renters based on reason but it takes some work with the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board. Before you go evicting, check out the gallery inside the house; a colourful splash of art hanging in each room. Yorkville is known for its fancy restaurants and one of the most luxurious shopping destinations in North America. The stylish neighbourhood is filled with upscale hotels like The Hazelton and Four Seasons, with condo developments like 36Hazelton (and the new home to actor Mark Wahlberg) coming this June. The property is 3,500 square feet with annual taxes of $14,541. But hey, this is Yorkville; house prices don't come cheap.

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