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What $5,000/Month Can Rent You Around Toronto

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can buy or rent for a set dollar amount in various Toronto neighbourhoods. Is one man's loft another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $5,000/month.

↑ Yonge & Eglinton: $5,000 a month at Yonge & Eg. rents you a four-bedroom house with four bathrooms, parking and close to the subway. There's plenty of space with a separate basement apartment for a possible nanny or teenager suite.

↑ Avenue & St. Clair: Travelling further south, this $5,000 rental on Farnham Avenue rents you three-bedrooms, a third floor loft and a large backyard. Note: renter must love exposed brick. There's plenty of it.

↑ Queen West: If loft living is your thing, this 1,600 square foot beam and brick space is a safe bet. For $5,500/month, you get two-bedrooms in the trendy Candy Factory Lofts. Cool factor: the father of director Sarah Polley recently sold his one-bedroom candy loft for $785,000. Polley also shot scenes from her 2012 documentary, Stories We Tell, inside the building.

↑ Liberty Village: Every grown-up secretly yearns to live inside a former toy store. Right? This two-bedroom loft renting for $5,000/month is located inside the former Irwin Toy Factory. This unit inside the Toy Factory Lofts is open concept with brick and high ceilings and includes a private terrace.

↑ Spadina & Fort York: Here's a two-bedroom penthouse near the city's waterfront renting for $5,250/month. It's a 1,300 square foot space, brand new unit and never been lived in. The unit appears clean and presentable although the owners could have used more description in their Craigslist ad which only reads "penthouse, high floor, high ceiling, 1,300 sq.ft, fully furnished." · A Path-Connected Condo Means a Comfortable Commute [Curbed Toronto]
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