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10 Wild And Artsy Rooms Inside The Gladstone Hotel

[Photo via Gladstone Hotel]

The Gladstone, Toronto's boutique art hotel on Queen West, is known for its artist designed and wild hotel rooms. Rooms renting for around $200 and up, the hotel pushes the boundaries of art meets traditional. Designed by local artists, they also provide a video explanation of each room that's worth a watch. Recently, Food Network Canada host, Bob Blumer, made headlines for his food-inspired room dubbed the "Surreal Gourmet Room." The hotel commissioned Blumer to create his art-meets-food sanctuary, one of 37 artist-designed rooms, equipped with marshmallow pillows, a swiss cheese canopy, Fruit Loops armoire, and a caviar tin clock. It's a tasty way to wake up.

↑ The Blue Line Room is the hotel's ultra sexy, ultra blue suite. Everything is blue expect for the red silhouette of a naked woman on the shower door.

↑ Room 404 celebrates Canada with its patriotic Canadiana suite. The room pays homage to the tradition of travel inspired by the history of the hotel itself. Relax in the evening with a double-double and its all Canadian bath products. Sounds awesome, 'eh?

↑ Don't mess with room 415, the Snap Shot Room. Images from High Park in the fall are plastered on the walls, and combined with "clever furnishings." This room is a fun snap shot of Toronto.

↑ This one's called the Puzzle Room for those…well…who loves jigsaw puzzles. The room is a tribute to the city, with amazing puzzles of downtown Toronto and other notable landmarks.

↑ This room is awesome just for the name itself but it's not going to be for everyone. The Parlour of Twilight is a 1940s inspired room with shimmering fabrics, tin ceiling tile and shadowy flora. Note, the neon lighting could make any guest dizzy, if you're seeking that kind of experience.

↑ If you're looking for a more traditional hotel stay, the Gladstone Classic, might be a better fit. But wait. There are some surprises in this room too. The concept of the room is karaoke and the narratives of the hotel, workers and patrons. Sadly, the Gladstone just closed their karaoke bar so it's a good thing the room is equipped with speakers and a microphone.

↑ Come with your family and book the Gladstone's Teen Queen Room. It's like sleeping over at your best friend's house with Teen Beat Magazines. The vintage posters of your teenage celebrity crush is worth the room fee. Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains better be on that wall. OMG.

↑ What's the first thing you want to do after coming off a flight? Go to a hotel room that looks like the inside of an airplane, of course. Take flight inside the Gladstone's Flight Room. With its sky blue walls, it's like your in your very own (less cramped) economy middle seat. This room is definitely a trip.

↑ Last but certainly not least is the FELT Room. Who wouldn't yearn to stay in a felt room anyways? The room celebrates the material and the idea of…well...felt. This amazing space only makes you feel itchy.
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