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Peek Inside This Castle Built in 1881, Now For Sale

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[Photo via MLS]

If you've ever dreamt of owning your very own castle, now is your chance. The Ravenscliffe Castle in Hamilton is currently up for sale for a modest $1.75 million. Designed by Hamilton native architect James Balfour, the 1881 castle spans 11,000 square feet with eight bedrooms and six bathrooms. Originally covering 9 acres of land, the property was eventually divided and sold to build other homes. According to the listing, you could redevelop the land for condos or turn it into a multi-family complex. The castle first hit the market in 2010 listed for $3 million dollars, standing today as one of the city's most notable properties. From the looks of it, the structure needs some substantial work. Back home, Toronto has its own famous castle, Casa Loma, which Liberty Group Entertainment plans to redevelop into a restaurant and events space.

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