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Wychwood Barns 3BR Slashes Price Again, Now $979,900

[Photo via MLS]

This three-bedroom flip on Christie Street near St. Clair Avenue just can't seem to sell for its original million dollar asking price. The owners dropped their asking price multiple times, starting at 1.095 million and after months on the market ending up at $979,900. This stucco'd detached home really stands out on the street with its mixed wood façade looking very different from its neighbouring houses. Inside, the open concept flip showcases the entire main floor from the front foyer, and like many older houses in the area, if you need to use the loo, head to the basement or second floor. There isn't space for a bathroom on the main. The area near Wychwood Barns, a community art, cultural and food market, is family-oriented and the neighbourhood might be appealing to buyers. Will the owners be forced to drop their price once again?

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