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Big Reveal: 3BR Roncy Row Wants $808,000

Yesterday we showed you this three-bedroom, two bathroom row house in Roncesvalles and asked you to guess the price. You voted and the majority thought the house would be listed for about $1.1 million. Second guesses came in around $900,000 and not many thought the asking would go much lower. Incorrect! On the market for $808,000, this charming property might be priced low for the area; hoping to create a bidding war. Previously, this nearby serious dilapidated Roncesvalles house sold $150,000 over its original asking price attracting multiple buyers hoping to gut the property and possibly flip it. More than 300 people showed up for the open house and it was later sold to a contractor for $803,649. Will we see another bidding war for this Roncy row? Wait and see.
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