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This Funky $1.3 Million Manhattan Loft Has All The Extras

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[Photo via MLS]

Described by the realtor as a "spacious Manhattan style loft" in the (very north) Annex neighbourhood, this two-bedroom laneway house is definitely one-of-a-kind. Asking $1.328 million, this artsy property at 2 Dartnell Ave. could be used as a live/work space, a single family dwelling or separated into rental units. Currently, the space is being used as a combined (and very cramped) kitchen/living room/bedroom loft. Check out the kitchen. Is that a stolen parking sign on the floor? Other notable extras include a dynamite record studio, art space, and wood and metal shop. The property that was once listed for $529,000 has increased in value. Do you think this funky loft is worth the asking?

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