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Own a Slice of a Danforth Deep Dish For $749K

What/Where: Main floor retail space with second floor apartment in the Danforth
Price: $749,900 plus $129,000 for the pizza business
The Skinny: On the market for living on top of a pizza parlour? The main floor is a 1,800 square foot pizza joint with a second floor apartment including two bedrooms and the aroma of pepperoni. The owners are seller their business so the new buyer must love making deep dish pies. But really, how is the pizza? According to the listing, the Danforth Pizza House was ranked number six by NOW Magazine in 2013. Most reviewers over on Yelp thought the family-owned pizza place was five stars. The city's Dine Safe report shows the restaurant passed the last two inspections which hopefully means rodents are not roaming the building. On a related topic, it's pizza week over at Eater Toronto. Check it out.
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