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Wear a Bathrobe Inside This Semi-Transparent Bubble Room

[Photo via CasaBubble]

Coming to the National Home Show this year is the CasaBubble, a prefab pod that transforms into an inflatable extra room for your home. The bubble room comes equipped with a wood floor and rooms are large enough to fit a king-size bed and additional furniture. According to the french designer, the idea behind the bubble is creating an indoor/outdoor space that is modular with the ability to customize interlocking pieces, and made from recycled/recyclable PVC material. The structure uses a turbine to control air volume and humidity. You can also sleep outside in the bubble but just remember before you stick it on your front lawn, the bubble room is semi-transparent. Wear a bathrobe. Apparently it's also easier to set up than a tent (or IKEA furniture). Is this product suitable for Toronto? If not, you can always stay in one of these open-air treehouse hotels.

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