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Toronto's Most Unique And Strangest Airbnb Listings

Airbnb, a community marketplace for people to list and book accommodations, offers both incredible places to stay along the downright weird and unusual overnights in the city. This listing pictured above is described as a "secluded one-bedroom" inside a creepy shared townhouse. Watch out for the set of butcher knives greeting you at the front door.

↑ Previous guests commented it's a great place to stay for $95/night. Guessing they weren't terrified by the scary mannequin watching them in the living room.

↑This overnight accommodation on Shuter Street is a little squished with three beds per room. It's a great deal for three couples sharing the space at $56.00/night.

↑ Wake up to the "Kalahari Room" each morning in Little Italy. Don't be alarmed if a strange but friendly-looking woman is standing beside you holding a pillow.

↑At $245/night, this industrial loft is a unique space on Ossington Avenue. Sadly, the hunky man in the kitchen is not included in the rental price.

↑ This one-bedroom tells ya the weather is always fine on Bay Street.

↑This small bachelor pad in Toronto's gay village only feels like you're trapped inside Air Canada's economy seats.

↑ We featured this one earlier this week— a colourful rock'n roll apartment featuring a David Bowie tribute room and a box of complimentary Kraft Dinner.
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