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The Catch: Manning Ave. Listing Includes Very Eclectic Neighbours

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The Catch, in which we present everything-looks-good-except listings, needs you! Send your nominees to and we'll consider them for public shaming.

What/Where: 2BR/3BA in Little Italy
Looks Good, Right? Although the exterior could use a facelift and the inside is somewhat cluttered, the property near Manning Avenue and Harbord Street might be a good investment at $699,000. It's a multi-unit complex house with three separate units, claiming to be upgraded in the past few years. In recent months, Manning Avenue has seen a boom of real estate listings well below the typical one million dollar asking price of the area. The neighbourhood is very family-oriented with schools nearby and walkable to all the fun areas like Little Italy, Little Korea, Annex and Kensington Market. Caffeinated bonus: the popular Sam James Coffee Bar is literally right around the corner for unlimited lattes. Sounds like the ideal house in the ideal location, right?
The Catch: Uhhh… you might have some very odd neighbours.

Meet your eclectic neighbours, just a few houses away. This home on Manning Avenue seeks to bring down the property value with its strange/disturbing year-round front lawn. Making our list for Toronto's creepiest front lawn, the owners have decorated their unkempt lawn and tree with unusual ornaments such as hanging dolls, a pair of jeans and random trinkets scattered on the grass. During holidays like Christmas and Halloween, the owners (or renters) are known for decorating their lawn accordingly. Buy this property and you'll acquire some very interesting neighbours. · Mapping Toronto's Creepy and Haunted Sites in the City [Curbed Toronto]
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