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Hey, What's Filming on Brunswick Ave. Near College?

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Have you spotted a film shoot in your neighbourhood? Share with the group! Send photos and details over to the Curbed tipline at

A Curbed reader writes in to tell us about a film shoot in his area. He writes:

There's a movie being filmed on Brunswick Avenue today, between Harbord and College Street. There's been tons of trucks parked there all day. What's being filmed? After some digging (and asking a crew member), we found out it's actually a television show being filmed on the streets. The new thriller The Strain is being shot around the Toronto area. Much of the filming is taking place inside a home at 54 Brunswick with police and crew standing nearby. According to another reader, The Strain is also being filmed on Eastern Avenue and "on the gas-station set of the cancelled TV show Lucky 7." Don't be surprised if you see more familiar faces walking the streets. Twilight actor Robert Pattinson, is in the city filming the movie, Life. Is there a film shoot on your street? Just send it to the Curbed tipline or tell us in the comments below.
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