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Who Makes Those Hand-Written Signs For Honest Ed's?

On Monday, hundreds of Torontonians lined up for hours just to take home one of Honest Ed's iconic hand-written sign. The bargain warehouse at Bathurst and Bloor auctioned off over 1,000 signs, some waiting over six hours, and autographed by owner David Mirvish. Who actually makes those hand-written signs that are already on eBay? Sign painter Wayne Reuben gives the inside scoop about his job. Honest Ed's which will close its doors in December 2016 has been a part of Toronto's history since the late Ed Mirvish opened his store in 1948. It was announced in the fall that Honest Ed's and Mirvish Village was sold to Vancouver developer Westbank Properties with a 100-million dollar price tag.
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581 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario