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For $689K, Rainbow Brite's Toronto Pad Can Be Yours

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[Photos via MLS]

Here's a newly-listed three-bedroom detached home near College and Dovercourt that's going for for $689,000. From the outside, it looks pretty run-of-the-mill; open the door, though, and step into a full-on double-rainbow magical wonderland. This place is all about the colour, friends. The owners must have walked into the Benjamin Moore store, pointed at the sample wall and said, with rock-solid confidence, "Oh, we'll take one of each, thanks."

Beyond the crazy colour scheme, the house is full of interesting original period detail, like French doors and a woodburning fireplace. It's also in a great neighbourhood, with nearby Dufferin Grove Park just a couple of blocks away (which might help compensate for the smallish back yard) and the Ossington strip close by, but still far enough away that you won't be barraged by late-night bar-goers. Could you live with this Pee-Wee's-Playhouse colour scheme, or does it make you want to walk in with a fire hose loaded up with Cloud White? Talk about it in the comments—colourful language encouraged.

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