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Totem's Coming to Shake Up Yonge and Wellesley

[Photos via TOTEM]

Worsley Urban Partners have released a few renderings for Totem, the 18-storey, 120-unit condo they're building in the Yonge/Wellesley/Church neighbourhood; it looks kind of wacky. It's a stack of black-steel-and-glass blocks piled up slightly askew, and there are also all those blue "fins" jutting out all down the building's south side; why? It all seems to work, though, and will definitely be a standout in a neighbourhood full of nondescript apartment blocks. Totem's overall design was inspired by New York's New Museum of Contemporary Art; in fact, if the two building were put side-by-side, they'd probably look like the world's biggest salt-and-pepper shakers.

Totem will connect directly to Wellesley Station downstairs and, by extension, the PATH; that's going to be handy if Toronto winters keep getting more wintry. So far, amenities aren't anything out of the ordinary· gym, second-storey party-room/bar with walkout to a patio, rooftop terrace with lounge and barbeque areas. Prices and floorplans will be released at the preview event· stay tuned.
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