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Awesome Photo Project Relieves Pothole Rage

As another long winter creaks to an end, the melting snow and ice on the roads reveal the year's inevitable new crop of potholes. Living in a climate with as many extremes as Toronto's, and with most city streets in pretty abysmal shape to begin with, there seems to be no way to avoid those treacherous, tire-mangling, axle-cracking jerks. After years of frustration, Montreal/New-York-based photographers Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano decided to work out their frustrations creatively: in 2011 they started, a project that takes the potholes life gives out and turns them into crater-ade.

When Ficca and Luciano find a suitable pothole, they set up a scene and shoot imaginative, absurd photos that may not fix your blown inner tube but will at least help you laugh at the city's crumbling infrastructure (okay, a little). So far, the Pothole Project features the pitted streets of Montreal, Toronto (the photo above was taken on Tecumseth Street), New York and Los Angeles, with more cities to come . It's not like they're likely to ever to ever run out of subject matter.

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