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This Bridle Path Mansion Has All the Marble

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[Photo via Forest Hill Realty]

This five-bedroom, ten-bathroom house in the Bridle Path, listed for $7,480,000, looks kind of cheesy on the outside. The triple-garage entrance right in front is the first thing that grabs the eye, and there's just something about the parking area that evokes a strip mall. Things are much more interesting inside, where the dizzying black-and-white-marble entranceway seems to stretch on forever. The staircase up to the second floor gallery was made for reenacting movie scenes; you could pretend you were Scarlett O'Hara, or one of the von Trapp kids. Adieu! Adieu!

There are two kitchens; the main one features a gigantic butler's pantry (for your gigantic butler), two Wolf ranges and a built-in SubZero fridge; if you need more fridge space, there's a wine room downstairs. The kitchen island breakfast bar has seating space for four; in fact, there seem to be a lot of places to sit in this house. So many couches. So many chairs. That's not even taking into account the theatre, the multiple dining areas, the three seating areas in the garden, and that weird recliner. Sit, sit! No, really; sit.
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