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What You Can Get For Around $500,000 in Toronto

With the coming of the first above-zero temperatures in what feels like weeks, you can't help but feel spring must be lurking out there--somewhere. Feel like de-hibernating yet? Check out what kind of new cave you could get in Toronto for half a million bucks. Unsurprisingly, these are all found east of the Don River.

This $519,000 condo sits at the entrance to Riverside, the formerly-sleepy neighbourhood that lately feels more like Ossington East. Close to two major streetcar lines, the DVP, Eastern Avenue and Lakeshore, you would have loads of commuting options. The condo comes fully furnished, too, including all light fixtures and the art on the walls. Overall this is a good choice if you're looking to start over from scratch, and have a lot of scratch to do it with.

↑ Here's a wartime-era bungalow in a decent part of Scarborough—not the Bluffs, maybe, but Bluffs-adjacent. It's not the most up-to-date house you've ever seen, but for $525,000 it's solid and probably gets some nice light flowing through it. It's on a corner lot, too, and it's close to parks and schools. The kitchen definitely needs updating, but at least there's a swell Naugahyde recliner to relax in after you've ripped out those old cabinets.

↑ This is a nice little semi-detached three-bedroom house, backing onto a ravine. It's not quite Upper Beaches, but close enough to walk or bike to the beach easily, and it comes with original stained glass and a wood-burning fireplace. Decent-sized rooms, hardwood floors; a pretty solid all-round package (although like the previous house, this one's kitchen needs some serious updating). This one's listed at $549,000; it's not clear if the rusty antique bedframe in the garden is included in the price, but you could probably negotiate.

↑ Another semi; this one's on a tiny street in Leslieville. This house doesn't look like much from the outside, but at least it haas a pretty good kitchen—check out all the cupboard space, and there's a newer fridge and gas stove. The listing claims there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an oversized deck, but hasn't provided any photos of them (nice to see two shots of that saggy couch, though). $549,000 for this one.
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