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Valentine-ify Your Love Nest

Looking for romantic touches to furnish your love shack? Check out these vintage and not-so-vintage Valentine's Day options. Here's a "Victorian Fainting Couch", perfect for lounging on as you flip through your stack of Valentines, entertain gentleman callers, or watch the luge finals. Interestingly, this $2,000 couch claims to be 300 years old, with only one owner. Maybe Dracula's having a contents sale.

How about a four post bed? This one's $1,000 and it's pretty rococo, with its canopy and ornate carving. Some might call it tacky. Some might just be right.

Lighting is crucial, of course. Sure, you could go the easy route and use the old drape-a-scarf-over-a-lamp trick, but why not go big? We're talking crystals, and lots of them. This chandelier will throw some glamourous old-world romantic light on your Valentine get-together.

Don't forget about music. Tonight's the night to fire up the old hi-fi (this RCA hardwood cabinet stereo with Dual turntable is just $100), Pull out your most romantic musical selections (Debussy? Sinatra? Manilow?) and drift away to Romanceville. Or Margaritaville, if that's your jam.

If retro's not your scene, how about going for a cool (but oh, so warm) portable fireplace? Efficient and stylish, the Zeta burns bioethanol - eco-friendly and inexpensive. Of course, there's the inital $10,000 outlay for the unit itself, but can you really put a price on style?

Finally, at the end of the day, curl up in front of the fire with your Valentine on a red-hot Flokati shag rug; this one is $299USD on Etsy, but you can check out local vintage/retro furniture shops like Kensington Market's Bungalow for similar ones.
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