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This Week in Weird, Crazy & Downright Awful Listing Photos!

Looking for a new home isn't easy especially when you have to sort through multiple listings to find your dream property. While many listing photos posted on MLS appear like they've been photoshopped to perfection, others could use some work. Here are this week's odd, weird and downright crazy listing photos. It's safe to say none of these photos have been photoshopped to look better. In the above photo, there's at least a dozen stuffed animals on the bed. Hopefully there isn't a little child buried underneath them.

With the bad lighting in this photo, you almost miss the cat perched on the dining room table eating its dinner.

Home staging: sometimes less (or no) furniture makes the room appear larger.

This listing has a gorgeous media room with an antique television.

The Mona Lisa painting hanging in the dining room is not included in the sale price. Sorry.

After an extensive renovation, the owners replaced the fireplace with a sail boat.

Is that American Idol on television?
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