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'Memories of Frank Lloyd Wright' in This $2.6M High Park House

[Photo via MLS]

This four-bedroom High Park home asking $2,575,000 includes a hot tub, interior stone walls, and some seriously jazzed up brokerbabble.

The serenity of Muskoka, water lapping at your shore, memories of Frank Lloyd Wright and mid century modern with walls of glass and poured concrete…Skate from your back door, marvel over nature, roast marshmallows on the open fire or watch the stars from your hot tub. The promotional video is worth a watch as well; the narrator's accent making the 4,000 square foot property sound even more sexy and inviting. "A living room with spectacular views; and the backyard is beyond compare with a hot tub overlooking the pond; nature presenting a beautiful backdrop." Here's something that's not sexy. The annual property taxes are $11,645.

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