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Stay in One of These Open-Air Treehouse Hotels!

[Photo via Farrow Partnership]

The next time you head to cottage country, how about staying in a five-star eco resort inside a treehouse? The architectural firm Farrow Partnership Architects is hoping to reinvent the treehouse in their new wood-style resort located in the Bruce Peninsula. The design concept for the E'terra Samara Eco Resort consists of "twelve suspended one-bedroom tree house villas nestled into a forest...the structure is designed to be suspended from the tree trunks, rather than following the common practice of nailing to the tree, thereby hugging the tree rather than piercing its flesh."

Guests will sleep almost suspended in mid-air with nothing around them except the open air and a cool breeze (available in the warmer months or you'd freeze). The villas will have a composting toilet, eco-friendly shower and self-cleaning fabric that keeps the dirt out. The concept is similar to Montreal's Ice Hotel but located in a tree, close to nature. The architect is hoping to launch his first treehouse in the next couple of years. Will it ever happen?

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