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This House is Cookie Cutter Meets King Henry VIII, Asking $1M

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[Photo via MLS]

Located just north of the city in Richmond Hill, this house is cookie-cutter meets King Henry VIII. It's a six-bedroom, five bathroom house with plenty of surprises like the eclectic master bedroom, the floor-to-ceiling oak office, and bedrooms painted in lively purple and yellow colours. Asking $1.028 million, there's additional surprises in the basement with a sauna and the antique style oil paintings (available separately for purchase). The realtor describes the property as "absolutely stunning, totally upgraded with venetian plaster," although "stunning" might be a bit of a stretch. Last time, we featured this Richmond Hill property and a reader disagreed with our estimated commuting time from the 'burbs to downtown Toronto. Here's what he said:

Two hours commute is an extremely gross overstatement. I used to do the commute and driving from the Gardiner and DVP to Highway 7 takes an hour at the most in rush hour, and during other times of the day it could take as little as 20 minutes. While we agree, you could drive downtown in an hour in "good traffic," 20 minutes to the downtown core is a stretch (unless Richmond Hillers think Eglinton Avenue is downtown). When is the DVP not unpleasantly busy?

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