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Will Bay Street Embrace Toronto's Newest Delta Hotel?

[Photo via GWL Realty Advisors]

A new Delta hotel is coming to downtown's Financial District, expected to open later this year. The Delta Toronto and Southcore Financial Centre is a 45-storey building with 567 rooms connected to two office towers. The new property also includes 16,000 square feet of conference space, spa facilities, indoor swimming pool and restaurant. Previously, downtown Toronto's only Delta Hotel was on Gerrard Street and later purchased and rebranded by the Langham Hospitality Group as the Eaton Chelsea. The new hotel design is already receiving rave reviews from excited Torontonians.

The Delta Hotel looks spectacular. In that skyline shot, the sloped crown of the Delta in addition to the swiss cheese roof on ice create some real visual interest.
I think Delta has the best façade in Toronto.
The Delta is awesome sauce. Bremner Tower recedes in the background to give all the limelight to the Delta.
This building is a beauty. It's going to bring a lot of visitors into the area as well.
Will the new hotel live up to the hype? More importantly, will it make Curbed's future list of the top 18 Essential Toronto Hotels? Stay tuned. · Delta Hotels to Abandon Management of Toronto's Chelsea Hotel [Toronto Star]
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