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Is Central Tech's New Dome Doomed by Contaminated Soil?

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Plans to upgrade the popular track field at Central Tech High School at Harbord and Bathurst hit a snag earlier this fall when soil sampling revealed contaminants, leading to the closure of the field. The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) had approved a $6 million dollar plan to install a year-round state-of-the-art athletic facility as part of a program to improve "fields in poor condition due to limited funding for maintenance and restoration." The upgrade to the field includes new outdoor lighting, community green space, a covered insulated structure and renovation to the washrooms inside the aged school. The field currently has running tracks and a football field outside the school, open to students and the community during the warmer months. The project is backed by fellow football fan, Mayor Rob Ford, who told the Toronto Sun last year, "Central Tech deserves all the bells and whistles and that would be a huge victory for Toronto as a whole." Plans for the field reno now remain up in the air while officials conduct further soil sampling on the property. A community meeting is being held later this week to discuss results and moving forward. We'll keep you posted following the meeting.

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