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The Five Best For Sale By Owner Listings Available Right Now

Sometimes homeowners decide to forego the hassle of using a real estate agent for the hassle of selling a place themselves. We've criticized such for sale by owner listings in the past for lacking, in many cases, appealing staging and photography. But some listings do it right. Here are five of the best we uncovered on Property Guys, starting with the high end—the above castle-style five-bedroom at York Mils and Bayview asking $2.289 million. The house has been sitting for awhile so perhaps the owners might want to lower their price.

This five-bedroom private sale in North York asking $1,799,999 is cookie-cutter on the outside and classic and warm on the inside. White rooms and dark floors warms the house while the fireplace in the master bathroom is very marble but cozy.

A private sale for a two-bedroom, two bathroom suite in the new ICE Condos is listed for $549,000. The new towers coming in 2014 at York Centre are sexy, and this 'James Bond meets Mission Impossible' condo trailer says it all. Ice Ice Baby.

A one-bedroom 980 square foot near Front Street is listed for $549,900. The floor-to-ceiling windows are great for light exposure but hopefully their double pane glass doesn't allow cold or water to pass through. With the doorless bedroom on the second floor, it's probably great for a single but possibly too loud for a couple.

Jarvis Street might not be the most sought after area but you can't beat a renovated two-bedroom townhouse listed for just $489,000. The owner sweetens the deal by saying the house is directly across the street from a "Pizza Pizza, Subway, McDonalds, and Hero Burger." A side of fries and cholesterol with this listing. · This Week In Strange, Weird & Terrible Real Estate Photos [Curbed Toronto]
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