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$279K For This Ceiling-Stained Scarborough Bungalow

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[Photo via MLS]

This creepy little house near Danforth Avenue and Birchmount Road, on the market for $279,900, is perfect for the buyer who thinks life is a little too cheerful. Panelled in dark wood throughout and with the tiniest of windows, its low ceilings and gloomy interior are guaranteed to crush any fluttering hope you might feel. Even the selling agent doesn't seem to hold out much hope for this one, nervously warning prospective buyers to watch out for the basement stairs; whether that's because they're dangerous or because oh god there's something down there isn't made clear. In its favour, the house does have a decently-sized back yard, and… that might be about it. But look on the bright side; at least that stain in the ceiling is from "many years ago". There's probably nothing at all up there.

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