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Modest Bungalow Returns With Facelift, Now Wants $2M

[Photo via Harvey Kalles/Robert Greenberg]

Previously, this modest bungalow near Lawrence Park was a cozy two-bedroom, two bathroom dwelling on the real estate market listed for $679,000. Following an extensive renovation, the house at 184 Roe Ave. returns as a slick, pot lit 3,600 square foot modern space with a price tag of…wait for it...$1.969 million. Will the owners see a return on their investment? While it looks like the architect was aiming for a modern redo, they've taken the least desirable elements of modern design from the granite decorate wall to the cliche glassed-in staircase. Post flip, the two-storey property now has four-bedrooms, six bathrooms, and one of those rare downtown driveways with garage. Pre-flip, the former bungalow was pretty cute to begin with. Is the property now worth the million dollar asking price?

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