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Clearance: North York's House of Staircase Chops Price to $3.9M

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[Photo via Robert Greenberg]

Good news. A dizzying 5,500 square foot abode in North York is on clearance, dropping its price tag from $4.299 million to a bargain $3.895 million. Last year, the media was drooling over this renovated property with its resort-like swimming pool, salt water fish tank and multiple staircases configured on nine different levels. Buyers might have been scared off by the high price tag or walnut design and the owners dropped their listing price. There's eight bathrooms, five bedrooms, two laundry rooms, one fire pit and a basement wine cellar. The bathroom equipped with neon lights and music almost transforms the space into a disco (toilet) dance party. Readers had mixed reviews of the property. A few BlogTO commenters thought the house had too much wood and glass while another commenter said it was a "freakin' gorgeous space." A Toronto Life reader wasn't impressed with the house at all saying, "what a boring, cliched house. When will we stop using office furniture designed in the late 1920's to denote modern?" Did the open house this past weekend attract more buyers or will the owners need to drop their price tag yet again?

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