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Douglas Coupland's Public Art is Inspired by Crayola

Canadian novelist, Douglas Coupland, is the artist behind the new colourful columns being installed outside the Emerald City Condos in North York. The installation titled Four Seasons, representing winter, spring, summer and fall, is Coupland's always unique version of public art with brightly coloured cones stretching 24 to 48 feet tall. The artist/novelist explains the project in this video:

"When I think of landscape, I think of pencil crayons you get at school. The happy feeling you get in your head when you open the crayons and the colours are so shocking and bright...I wanted to create a landscape from scratch with unexpected objects, in an expected location." The new Emerald City development includes three towers and 11 luxury townhouses near Sheppard and Don Mills Road. The townhouses start at $669,900 while the condo units start around $270,000. Like or hate Coupland's art installation? Discuss in the comments below.

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