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AND SOLD! Mississauga Mansion sells for $6.2M at Auction!

Over the weekend, perspective buyers, the media and nosy neighbours turned out for the anticipated house auction in Mississauga. The house eventually sold for $6.2 million to a "mysterious" female buyer, over the anticipated selling price of $5.5 million. The 18,000 square foot estate is "arguably one of the best homes ever built in Mississauga," claims the real estate agent but buyers didn't seem to agree. The seven-bedroom house with a crazy eight-car climate-controlled garage and a European car-lift system just couldn't sell for $11 million and later went on the auction block. The property received much media attention but not all positive—the realtor taking some heat after his listings photos were speculated to be photoshopped (the photographer denied the accusation). In any case, live auction tweets by City Hall Reporter, Daniel Dale, provided excitement and confirmation that realtor Sam McDadi looks spiffy in sock protectors.

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