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Toronto's Old Don Jail is Turning Into a Creepy Park

The Don Jail, Toronto's creepiest former prison, is being transformed into a community green space. The historic (and rumoured to be haunted) building that opened in 1864 near Broadview Avenue and Gerrard Street East was later taken over and restored by Bridgepoint Healthcare. "All elements are in place for the new park to move ahead. It will be constructed by PCL and turned over to the City," a note by the parks and recreation committee said. "The park will be incorporated into a significant heritage site home to not only the old Don Jail, but also the Governors and Gatekeepers house associated with the jail and a heritage Carnegie Library." While the design for the park is still in its early stages, it's interesting to re-imagine the site that once held Canada's most notorious criminals. The prison saw 34 hangings before the abolishment of capital punishment in Canada. Here's a rare look inside the former prison walls. City Councillor Paula Fletcher is asking the community to give their suggestions for park names. Well, that's going to be interesting. Any suggestions?
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