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What $1,500/Month Can Rent You Around Toronto

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various Toronto neighbourhoods. New condo or Victorian flat? Let's check out some options. Today's price: around $1,500/month.

↑ Starting off in Liberty Village, $1,450/month will get you the master bedroom and a shared kitchen in this condo, which comes with a retina-burning sunset view but not, apparently, a maid (or a mom) to pick up your roommate's stuff. Come on, guys, tidy up; company's coming over.

↑ Here's a one-bedroom townhouse at South Beach Marina for $1,450/month. This complex looks like the perfect location for anyone who sails, runs, or wants to live steps away from the busy Toronto Island Airport (which may soon be twice as busy).

↑ This two-room, $1,595/month loft is in a converted shoe factory, and has a lot of potential to be an industrially-cool space (plus Pets OK!). Right now it looks like the set for a mob-heist movie, complete with blackboard for planning getaway routes.

↑ This is not a bad-looking furnished basement in a great location, and for $1,500/month all utilities are included; this is a good thing when you consider it comes with a washer and dryer, central A/C and a heated bathroom floor. (One question--is the landlord eight feet tall? How did they get those ceiling shots?)

↑ Would-be poets and playwrights, consider this charming one-bedroom apartment in a century home for $1,600/month; it comes with an old-school typewriter. Of course, if you're a poet or a playwright $1,600 might be out of your budget.

↑ Feeling wild? Check out this opulently-furnished $1,450/month basement in Etobicoke. Look at the leopard-print couches and animal-hide rug! Rrrowr. There's also a rococo fainting couch, a princess-y canopy bed, and the world's tiniest bedside lamp. · Curbed Comparisons [Curbed Toronto]