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Realtor in Hot Water After Alleged Photoshopped Photography

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[Photo via 2290Saxony]

Realtor Sam McDadi is taking some heat after photos from a Mississauga mansion on auction was suspected of being photoshopped. The 18,000 square foot "Saxony Manor" at 2290 Saxony Crt. featured "show-stopping" images of the million dollar property prompting speculation about the quality of the photos. According to the Toronto Star, photographer Robert Holowka of Birdhouse Media says the accusations are ridiculous and he spent "more than eight hours over three days snapping hundreds of indoor and outdoor shots with a 16-mm lens."

Community reaction over the photos sparked online debate. One Star reader said, "this image is fine. Get real. Even if he used ECV to shoot three images, one on, 2 under, and 2 over and blended them in topaz its not a misrepresentation." Another commented, "the house is on half an acre but the photo is showing a much larger lot. (Half an acre is about 104 by 209 feet). Why would anyone build a house like this on half an acre?" People also commented that the video seemed too good to be true with its lit windows and sexy twilight exterior. The lesson is, go see the house first before dropping $5.5 million dollars at the auction on January 26th. Do you think the photos seem unrealistic?

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