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Studio 2: Richmond Street Gets Electrified!

[Photos via Aspen Ridge Homes]

For many Torontonians, Richmond Street is just that annoyingly-clogged westbound artery you can't wait to reach the end of. It's dreary and dull, the traffic signals aren't synchronized, and there aren't even any interesting buildings to study while you're stuck at yet another red light. That'll change with the construction of Aspen Ridge Homes's Studio/Studio 2 development. The two 31 and 41-storey towers and its nine-storey podium will sit on the block bounded by Richmond and Nelson Streets to the north and south, and Duncan Street to the west.

The whole studio/arts theme is taken very seriously. The project website describes what inspired Studio 2's tower: "a distinctive sculpture by Constantin Brancusi based on a symbolic representation of the axis mindi, or the line through which the earth's centre revolves" (ohhh, the axis mindi. Of course.). There are also a lot of references to their collaboration with OCAD (the Ontario College of Art and Design, who own properties on the same block). Studio 2 will even feature "Warhol suites", where one can presumably throw weeks-long parties filled with indie musicians, experimental films and a lot of black eyeliner. And soup. Studio's prices start at around $364,000 for a small unit at 450 square feet, and range up to around $950,000 for a 2.5-or-3-bedroom 1,350 square foot suite. Almost enough to turn your hair white.

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