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"Tallest Mural in the World" Soars on Wellesley Street

[Photo via Flickr @ashtonpal]

An apartment building at 200 Wellesley St. near Sherbourne features a mural of a giant phoenix on the side of the building. Toronto's tallest mural was created as part of the STEPS Initiative which uses art to connect people and its community. The mural created after a devastating fire in the building is so tall reaching almost 29-storeys that it was submitted to Guinness World Records as the tallest mural in the world. But not everyone in the community is pleased with the giant phoenix soaring over Wellesley Street. Some tenants in the building were upset about the mural saying, "better they paint my apartment than the outside of the building. We live here more than 10 years; nobody painted. A stupid thing on the outside." The project took two months to complete.

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