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5BR With Reno'd Kitchen & King Kong Cutlery, Asking $3.4M

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[Photo via MLS]

Location: Yonge and St. Clair
Price: $3.399 million
The Skinny: Proving there's a market for everything, this five-bedroom abode at 52 Heath St. features giant cutlery art in the kitchen. Either the owners love to cook or thought the hanging fork, spoon and knife combo brightened up the white walls. According to the realtor, the renovated property has eight bathrooms, one with a fireplace and built-in television, and a "Sex And The City" inspired master closest. Although Carrie Bradshaw's closest and shoe collection are quite impressive, this closet seems more organized and functional. The agent also points out the house is located in the vibrant "Yonge And St. Claire" area, misspelling St. Clair multiple times in the listing. In any case, we're hearing that St. Claire is even more vibrant and exciting than St. Clair anyways.

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