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One Tiny 500 sf Condo Near Bayview Village Asking $278K

[Photo via MLS]

It's prime real estate in the Bayview Village area where condo units are smaller and larger ones come with a hefty price tag. This one-bedroom, one bathroom suite at 17 Barberry Pl. is 556 square feet and asking $278,900. Located near Highway 401 and the Bayview Village Shopping Centre which just sold for 500 million dollars, the area has been developed by condos and townhouses, further increasing the real estate value. The Sheppard subway line is close by with upscale retailers like Pusateri's Fine Foods and an Oliver & Bonacini Restaurant inside the mall. For this suite, the maintenance fees are $364.51 and includes an indoor swimming pool and fitness studio included. Worth the asking price? Check out the photos below.
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